Saturday, August 24, 2019

Ninth Circuit Legislates Taxpayer-Provided Toothpaste at the Border

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It’s a one-two punch from the courts. They illegally ventured into national sovereignty policy, something they promised not to do for 200 years, by mandating that anyone who breaks into our country with a kid get de facto amnesty. Then, when the inevitable rush for this amnesty creates an impossible humanitarian situation for Border Patrol and ICE, immigrants get to sue in court to complain about the accommodations and demand that we taxpayers pay for them.
On Thursday, a panel of three Democrat appointees ruled that the Flores settlement, itself a made-up judicial legislative scheme from a single California judge in 2017, requires facilities to provide migrants with soap and toothbrushes. “Assuring that children eat enough edible food, drink clean water, are housed in hygienic facilities with sanitary bathrooms, have soap and toothpaste, and are not sleep-deprived are without doubt essential to the children’s safety,” wrote Judge Marsha Berzon, a Clinton appointee, on behalf of the panel. Becoming ever more specific over the original settlement itself, the court ruled that the listed items fall under the rubric of “safe and sanitary conditions.”
Of course any temporary confinement as part of enforcing our laws at our border must be done as humanely as practicable. It’s not the toothpaste or toothbrushes that are the problem, but what these lawless judicial mandates represent: The taxpayers of this country are compelled to pay for those breaking into our country.
We didn’t ask any of these people to come here. This is our country, and all the history of immigration law ensures that we should not pay a dime for this. In fact, under the immigration laws in effect during the Great Wave, even the cost of deportations wasn’t born by the taxpayers, but by the ship companies that transported inadmissible aliens. Yet today, the American people are forced to pay billions of dollars for care of mostly illegal immigrants at the border. Who says a court has jurisdiction to mandate these things or to grant standing to illegal aliens in the first place?
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