Monday, August 12, 2019

Epstein’s Death Leaves Unanswered Questions for Investigators

Photo: Associated Press
Federal prosecutors pledge to continue their probe, and a growing cache of evidence could lead to other targets
The death of disgraced former financier Jeffrey Epstein in a Manhattan jail leaves his accusers and investigators with unanswered questions and diminished hopes for a full accounting of his alleged wrongdoings. Federal prosecutors pledged Saturday to continue their investigation, and a growing cache of evidence could lead to other targets.
Authorities said Mr. Epstein died in an apparent suicide Saturday, a shocking twist in a lurid saga of wealth, power and sexual exploitation that stretched from Wall Street to the White House.
Just over a month ago, Mr. Epstein, 66 years old, was arrested on two federal charges related to sex trafficking of minors, for which he faced a maximum sentence of 45 years in prison.
Mr. Epstein pleaded not guilty, and he and his lawyers appeared braced to go to trial next year. In courtroom appearances, he remained stoic, occasionally laughing at the judge’s jokes.
But behind bars, Mr. Epstein was increasingly isolated, facing mounting legal and personal pressures. The days before his death brought new allegations of sexual exploitation and financial improprieties. Associates and former employees hired criminal defense lawyers. A longtime client accused him of stealing more than $46 million, and newly unsealed civil court filings painted a picture of depravity and abuse.
Mr. Epstein’s accusers can seek to recover his assets by suing his estate. Lawsuits filed against him and his associates over the years have typically been settled out of court for undisclosed amounts. In earlier lawsuits, plaintiffs’ lawyers have accused Mr. Epstein of transferring assets to defraud potential creditors
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