Thursday, August 15, 2019

Don't Do 'anything' About Gun Violence

“Do something!” is the cry of the day.
Hecklers disrupted a memorial service in Dayton to yell “Do something” at Republican Gov. Mike DeWine.
A professional soccer player, after scoring a goal, grabbed a live microphone and shouted “Congress, do something now. End gun violence. Let’s go!”
The impulse is obviously understandable. And "something" is a pretty broad term, so it is also correct. But the question is, "What exactly should be done, and by whom?"
We know from experience that when Congress, state legislatures, or city councils react quickly and emotionally to devastating events, such laws usually bring tremendous negative consequences, sometimes totally undermining their stated purpose.
Many of the post-9/11 laws were overreaches that didn’t enhance national security. After a mass shooting in San Francisco in 1994, Sen. Dianne Feinstein (a former San Fran mayor) introduced an “assault weapons” ban. The bill was based on nothing, and during its ten years as law it did nothing to reduce gun violence.
Democrats are pushing again for more gun controls, and we can expect them to be just as ineffectual, while also trampling on the natural right to self-defense and the constitutional right to bear arms.
“Assault weapon” bans are foolish because they usually regulate guns according to their appearance, a cosmetic matter. Under the 1994 law, a legal pistol could become an illegal “assault weapon” if it was capable of being fitted with a flash suppressor.
Lindsey Graham says he owns an AR-15 to defend
himself against looters during natural disasters
The phrase “assault weapon” is intended to draw a distinction between weapons used for sport or self-defense on one hand, and those used for assault. But almost every potential assault weapon is already a highly valued defense weapon. The much-reviled AR-15 is the most popular gun in America. The millions of AR-15s in the U.S. are not owned in significant numbers by future shooters or by drug gangs, but overwhelmingly by law-abiding people who wish to defend their families or hunt large game.
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