Wednesday, August 21, 2019

American Immigration Law Should Ensure Immigration Helps America

Foreign individuals should not be allowed to come to America in order to take advantage of its welfare programs.
This shouldn't be a controversial statement. Federal law currently reflects this position. The Trump administration has finalized a regulation aimed at better implementing this law. Questions and concerns about the execution of President Trump’s “public charge” rule are fair, but the principle is also sound.
In today’s debates over immigration, we find it necessary to state what should be self-evident: All American laws ought to serve the American people. That means our immigration laws ought to serve the interests of the people who already live here and not necessarily those who don’t already live here.
We believe that most immigration is good for America, culturally and economically. We’ve opposed Trump’s calls to reduce the amount of legal immigration or to discriminate on the basis of religion. We’ve also called for reform of our current laws.
In short, immigration generally helps the U.S., and the laws ought to be changed to increase immigration’s benefits — and also to decrease immigration’s costs.
It is fair to ask would-be-immigrants, in effect, “What do you have to offer us?”
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