Thursday, August 1, 2019

Seriously? MSM Makes A Sudden Discovery About 'Anchor Babies'

Source:AP Photo/Esteban Felix
Conservatives have long said one of the major issues with illegal immigration is the number of pregnant women who come to the United States solely so their child can be born on American soil. They know that a child born in the United States automatically makes the child an American and, because of that, the parents are allowed to stay in our country. And all of them are able to reap the benefits of being an American, including access to various welfare programs.
Liberals and the mainstream media typically ignore that fact, no matter how much it is presented to them. NBC News, however, did something shocking: they actually did an "exposé" on that very scenario...and acknowledged what conservatives have said for years.
Because of President Donald Trump's agreement with Mexico, those who file asylum claims must remain in Mexico while their case is decided. It's part of the "Remain in Mexico" plan that was recently established.
“More women are arriving pregnant or with babies,” said pastor Gustavo Banda of the Embajadores de Jesús (Ambassadors of Jesus) church, which operates a shelter in Cañón del Alacrán (Scorpion’s Canyon) on the outskirts of Tijuana. “We have a lot of Haitian women and some Central American.”
And some women even turn up pregnant while waiting to get into the United States.
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