Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Report: Illegal Immigration To Surge By Nearly 10 Percent, Schools Could Be Flooded

A new analysis finds that the surge of migrants at the southern border will lead to an increase in the total illegal immigrant population in the U.S. of almost 10 percent in 2019 and result in hundreds of thousands of new K-12 students in the nation’s schools.
“For the calendar year as a whole, we project 737,000 asylum seekers and undocumented border crossers will successfully enter the US interior,” the conservative Princeton Policy Advisors reported.
The group estimates the unauthorized Hispanic population in the country to be 7.3 million.
“Thus, an increase of 737,000 migrant entrants would represent a 10% increase in the ‘illegal’ population of Hispanics in the country during calendar year 2019,” according to Princeton Policy Advisors.
Steve Klopis, the organization’s president, provided additional background to the Washington Examiner, noting, “By year end, nearly 300,000 migrant children are expected to enter the U.S. Over time, these will show up in the U.S. public school system.”
Pew Research determined that 7.6 percent of K-12 students nationwide are the children of unauthorized immigrants as of 2016.
The numbers were significantly higher in many western and border states, including Nevada (20.2 percent), Texas and California (both 13.3 percent), Arizona (10.7 percent), and Colorado (10.6 percent).
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