Monday, July 15, 2019

President Trump Blasts Cowardly Antifa: ‘They Live in the Basement of Their Mom’s Home’

President Donald Trump held a “Presidential Social Media Summit” in the White House on Thursday where much of the discussion revolved around how conservatives and independents are mistreated by the liberal-leaning and Democrat-supporting major tech firms and social media platforms.
TheBlaze reported that at one point the president focused his remarks on the Antifa group, the black-clad, mask-wearing anarcho-socialists that claim to battle fascism while utilizing the exact same tactics made infamous by the European fascists of the 20th century.
In truth, Antifa — short for “anti-fascist” — simply uses the label “fascist” to apply to everyone even slightly to the right of Marxist heroes like Mao and Stalin, as the term provides cover for them among the supportive liberal media to lash out violently and silence those who oppose their leftist ideologies.
President Trump is not intimidated by Antifa, however, and mocked them ruthlessly as being nothing more than skinny and weak losers that live in “mom’s basement” and have to gang up on weaker individuals instead of fighting one-on-one with larger and tougher opponents.
Trump’s remarks on Antifa were prefaced by an acknowledgment of the recent Antifa assault on independent journalist Andy Ngo during a rally in Portland, Oregon, in which Ngo was repeatedly hit and kicked and had things thrown at him, an assault that landed him in the hospital with a brain hemorrhage.
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