Thursday, July 11, 2019

If Conservatives Don’t Win On Immigration, None Of The Other Issues Matter

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Unless the United States gets some handle on unfettered immigration — particularly from Third World countries — all the other issues will be lost no matter how hard conservatives fight.
It’s a discussion fraught with controversy, as Democrats and open-borders types are often quick to label any opposition to their immigration policy proposals as “racist” and “xenophobic,” but unless Republicans are content to resign themselves to the virtual dust-bin of history, it’s a discussion that must be taken up urgently.
Recent evidence says they may be starting to understand at least some aspects of this crucial fact. A February 2019 PEW Research analysis shows Republican voters are finally starting to view immigration as a top concern, particularly compared to prior decades. While the issue never made the top five in 1999 or 2009, it came in at number four in 2019, right behind terrorism, the economy, and social security.
Notably, “morality” was number four in 1999, but hasn’t appeared since. Yet so-called “social issues” are still of great concern to the diminishing yet still significant evangelical Christian base of the Republican Party. Ask any conservative evangelical what the most important issues are, and they’ll likely cite abortion, religious freedom, and even gay marriage.
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Some evangelicals would doubtless list immigration among those, probably right after abortion, and feel quite justified in doing so given their belief that saving unborn lives is a moral imperative. But most GOP voters, Christian and non-Christian alike, likely consider it a side issue — important, but not nearly as important as issues they think more directly impact them, such as the economy, gun rights, economic freedom, and the ones listed above.
Despite having left their socialistic, big government-centric nations behind, history has proven that the majority of Hispanic immigrants, save Cuban-Americans, tend to support Democrats and big government when they arrive. We are told they are ‘pro-family, pro-God, and pro-morality,’ but the fact is the majority of them vote for Democrats when they gain the vote, which hasn’t gone unnoticed by Democratic pundits longing for the day when there will changing demographics will bring a “permanent Democratic majority.”
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