Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Will President Trump draw the line at the May border numbers?

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Just three months ago to the day, I posted an analysis of the February border numbers, which were referred to at the time as “bonkers” and surpassing a “breaking point.” Well, three months later, with no “1182(f) shutdown” of immigration requests at the border triggered by the president, those very uncharted numbers have now DOUBLED.
Yesterday, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) announced that the number of illegal aliens apprehended at the border in May was roughly 144,000, a 32 percent increase from what we thought were unconscionable numbers in April. A whopping 132,887 were caught between points of entry and 11,391 at points of entry. The real shocker is that the total number of individuals coming in family units or as unaccompanied minors surged passed 100,000 for the first time, crushing April’s record by roughly 40 percent.
Now is the time for the president to either give a speech suspending all asylum requests and launching an operation against the cartels or cease calling this a sovereign nation.
The famous adage, “The Constitution is not a suicide pact,” came from Justice Robert Jackson, the great champion of individual rights and due process, the lead prosecutor at Nuremberg, and the lead dissenter in the Japanese internment case. He used this concept in his dissent in Terminiello v. Chicago (1949) after his fellow justices at the Supreme Court ruled that a Chicago ordinance leading to the conviction of a fascist speaker for speech that “stirs the public to anger, invites dispute, brings about a condition of unrest, or creates a disturbance” was unconstitutional.
Despite the fact that this disorderly conduct conviction, overturned by the majority of his colleagues, was a direct infringement upon the unambiguous and most foundational First Amendment rights of an individual citizen of the United States, Jackson famously wrote in his dissent that you reach a point when “the choice is not between order and liberty. It is between liberty with order and anarchy without either.” He warned in a dissent joined by three other justices, “There is danger that, if the Court does not temper its doctrinaire logic with a little practical wisdom, it will convert the constitutional Bill of Rights into a suicide pact.”
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