Saturday, June 22, 2019

Thomas Homan: Here’s the Truth About Sanctuary Cities

When I was the director of U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, I often talked about sanctuary cities and how politicians who push them were dishonest with their communities. I often talked about how these jurisdictions are un-American, undermine public safety, put the public in harm’s way and make life harder and more dangerous for law enforcement.
Let's dissect the false narrative pushed by advocates for sanctuary policies.
We often hear that sanctuary policies enable victims and witnesses to report crime and communicate with police without the worry of being turned over to ICE and being deported. Other politicians say that sanctuary policies help to protect the immigrant community and those most vulnerable.
Another false narrative is that local police should not have to do federal immigration officers’ job by enforcing federal immigration laws.
Let’s examine the false claim about protecting victims and witnesses. First of all, this doesn't make sense. ICE is not interested in identifying any victim or witnesses to crime. A sanctuary policy prevents ICE from accessing jails, and it prevents ICE from being notified when an illegal alien is released from a jail.
Unless the police arrest and book a victim or a witness, ICE would never know of their existence. If victims and witnesses are afraid to report a crime, it is because of the false stories pushed out to the public by pro-immigrant groups, NGOs and politicians who want to vilify and mischaracterize ICE.
If, by chance, a victim of a crime talks to ICE, they could actually become eligible to obtain legal authorization to remain in the U.S. as a victim. That is a fact you never hear anti-ICE groups acknowledge.
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