Wednesday, June 12, 2019

This ‘Murderers Row’ Lineup Is Set on Destroying Donald Trump in 2020

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The 1927 Yankees, widely proclaimed baseball’s greatest team, sported Hall of Famers throughout the lineup. The heart of the order (Combs, Koenig, Ruth, Gehrig, Meusel, Aaron) was famously dubbed “Murderers Row,” a moniker that reverberates to this day.
There is another incarnation of murderers row in 2019. But this hit-happy lineup plays on the political stage, not Yankee Stadium. Their goal is not to slam home runs or to beat the hated Red Sox.
Rather, they live to inflict enough damage over the next 18 months to beat one man, Donald J. Trump. Make no mistake, this lineup carries enough power to inflict serious damage on the president and his administration.
As the battle for 2020 is now fully engaged, it’s time to better understand the ways, means and ends of this anti-Trump juggernaut.
The Media
The so-called mainstream media has been at “def con five” ever since the evening of Nov. 8, 2016. As the blue wall came crashing down and the tears began to flow at the Javits Center that fateful night, this group would be the first to take up arms against the incoming administration.
They have not disappointed. The usual suspects (New York Times, Washington Post, L.A. Times, MSNBC, CNN, PBS) have worked overtime, ignoring presidential accomplishments and focusing almost exclusively on alleged, often irrelevant, weaknesses to degrade anything and everything connected with Trump.
That this unrelentingly critical coverage of the president and his supporters is one of the primary reasons he won in the first place seems lost on this segment of the third estate.
Nevertheless, Special Counsel Mueller’s gratuitous parting shot (a not-too-subtle call for impeachment) has further stoked the fires of those who buy ink by the barrel. Suffice to say it’s gonna be really ugly going forward
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