Monday, June 3, 2019

The Coming Crime Wave That Border Patrol isn’t Stopping

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There’s a very simple question the president needs to ask as he continues to contemplate action at the border. For whom does our Border Patrol or even the military exist? Do they exist to protect Americans from bad people coming into this country or to serve as babysitters for a cartel smuggling operation that enables bad people to come in? The two jobs are mutually exclusive. Cartel babysitting undermines protecting Americans. This fact alone should prompt the president to shut down all asylum requests at the border and turn back migrants.
Yesterday, the U.S. Border Patrol celebrated a grim 95th birthday. On May 28, 1924, Congress established the Border Patrol as part of the Immigration Bureau in the Labor Appropriation Act of 1924. Prior to that, land borders were patrolled by ad hoc “mounted watchmen” with few formal federal resources, because most people entered through sea ports. The purpose of the Border Patrol was very clearly spelled out in the 1924 funding bill: “Preventing the unlawful entry” of mainly Chinese nationals and deporting anyone who was caught. The Department of Labor was given funding for “the operation of horse and motor vehicles.” It was all for detention and deportation. Nothing more, nothing less.
Fast-forward 95 years later, and Border Patrol has now become a global babysitting and hospital service. It exists for the invaders, not for those supposed to be protected from them. Border Patrol has advertised “the creation of a new Border Patrol Processing Coordinator position” for the purpose of processing and transporting aliens and for “custodial watch of detainees in hospitals.”
Just in the El Paso sector alone, 2,200 illegal immigrants surrendered themselves to Border Patrol on Memorial Day. While most are still from Central America, the message has gotten out to the rest of the world that we are not enforcing our border. According to Customs and Border Protection (CBP), 15 illegal aliens from Congo, a country ravaged by Ebola, yellow fever, and other diseases, were apprehended at Eagle Pass, Texas. Not surprisingly, “The group consisted of five adult males, five adult females, and five minor children.” In other words, just enough minors to go around that each adult pair has one to use as a ticket to amnesty.
What is going on in plain sight at the border is bad enough, but what’s worse is what we don’t see. Try to imagine how many really bad people are coming in the New Mexico desert while the agents are on babysitting duty rather than patrolling. In Texas, border agents at secondary checkpoints caught 38 illegal aliens being smuggled up the highway in the Rio Grande Valley on Monday. Thankfully, those checkpoints are still being manned, but what is happening in New Mexico, where all the checkpoints are down? Any suspicious smuggling activity of people who are scared to meet agents will go unchallenged because they have unfettered access to the interior of the country.
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