Wednesday, June 5, 2019

President Trump’s Mexico Tariffs: Result of Congressional Obstruction

On May 30, 2019 President Trump announced that he was contemplating imposing tariffs against Mexican imports to the United States to force Mexico to assist in securing the U.S./Mexican border. The very next day, CNN reported, "Trump threatens tariffs on Mexico over immigration" while USA Today reported, "US Chamber weighing lawsuit against White House over Trump tariffs."
Trump is now seeking to impose tariffs on the goods from Mexico to gain control over the highly porous southern border of the United States, through which tonnage of deadly drugs and other contraband freely flow into the country and unknown hundreds of thousand of illegal aliens enter without inspection. Trump's action is the direct result of the unwillingness of the “leaders” of both the Democratic and Republican parties to have provided the administration with the tools it clearly needs to end the crisis.
While a wall on the border would not, by itself, end the immigration crisis, it would represent an important element of what should be a secure immigration system that honors America’s tradition of welcoming more lawful immigrants than the rest of the world combined by making clear distinctions between lawful immigrants and illegal aliens.
More than a decade ago Congress voted to fund a fence on the southern border. However, that fence was never built. Other measures were never implemented either, but continual promises of the creation of massive amnesty programs have served to encourage millions of aspiring illegal aliens from around the world to head for our borders.
For decades politicians made statements about how our immigration laws must be enforced and our borders secured against the illegal and uninspected entry of aliens, while making certain never to implement the measures to actually achieve those commonsense and achievable goals.
Unfathomably, now members of the Democratic Party claim that the situation along that border does not constitute an emergency or a crisis.
The first step to solving a problem is to acknowledge that there is one.
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