Thursday, June 13, 2019

It’s Not Just Central Americans: Hundreds of Migrants from Africa Arriving in Texas

The general impression that people have of those illegally crossing our southern border is that they’re from Spanish-speaking Central American countries. It used to be Mexican immigrants, now it’s migrants from Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala and other countries south of Mexico.
In San Antonio, they’re perfectly used to this. There’s no shortage of representatives of officialdom who can habla español. However, there aren’t a whole lot who can parle français — and that’s actually a significant problem.
See, according to KENS-TV, the city has seen a surge in immigrants from Africa, particularly from two French-speaking countries.
“Roughly 350 migrants from the Congo are expected to arrive in San Antonio in the coming days leaving the city scrambling for French-speaking volunteers,” KENS reported Thursday.
LINK: 350 Congolese Migrants Arrive in San Antonio
Interim Assistant City Manager Dr. Collen Bridger told KENS “the Congolese migrants began to arrive in town on Tuesday. They told Migrant Resource Center workers, they traveled with a group of about 350 migrants through Ecuador to the southern border.”
“We didn’t get a heads up,” she told the station.
“When we called Border Patrol to confirm, they said, ‘yea another 200 to 300 from the Congo and Angola will be coming to San Antonio.”
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350 Congolese Migrants Arrive in San Antonio

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