Monday, June 17, 2019

How Low Birthrates and Uncontrolled Immigration Spell the Doom of the United States

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“U.S. Lowest Birthrate in 32 Years, CDC Says.” The NPR article by that title cited a CDC study that found an alarming decrease in women willing to have children. Most leftists cheer the demographic shift, embracing the myth of overpopulation.
Planned Parenthood has reason to celebrate: the organization’s abortion advocacy and taxpayer-funded condom and contraceptive distribution programs have entered almost every home in the nation.
The cultural Marxists are throwing a party. But those who have the sense to learn from history are increasingly alarmed at the low birthrates. We have been naive about how the enemies of liberty have exploited crises to impose its diabolical will on us — predictable crises that their policies create.
What’s their remedy for back alley abortions? “Safe” and legal abortion. What’s God’s remedy, according to God’s Word? Justice for the murder victim.
According to the left, what’s the remedy for teen pregnancy according to the left? Child-killing and cancer-causing birth control. What’s the remedy for teen pregnancy according to God’s Word? Marriage.
What’s the remedy for homosexual temptation according to the left? Celebration. A pride march. God’s Word? Repentance, forgiveness and self-control, the same as for adultery or any other sexual sin.
This is the modus operandi of communist dictatorships throughout the ages. They create a problem that their remedy aims to fix, but their remedy, not being in line with God’s Word, just creates more problems.
We should be able to connect the dots between the low birth rate, abortion, birth control, homosexuality, increasing government funding and control, increased immigration, increased, unsustainable government spending, increased euthanasia, predictable social unrest, predictable economic collapse, and ultimately, a tyrannical dictatorship.
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