Monday, July 1, 2019

GOP Rep. Chip Roy urges President Trump to go nuclear and DEFY THE COURTS

Caroline Brehman/Getty Images
Rep. Chip Roy, R-Texas, on Wednesday called for President Trump to defy nationwide injunctions imposed by federal courts on his immigration policies and secure the border.
Roy (Liberty Score A, 100%) was speaking on BlazeTV’s “Steve Deace Show” when he said it’s time for a “Jacksonian moment” from President Trump.
“You’ve talked about the court challenges this administration faces virtually any time it tries to honor any of its campaign pledges. What legal advice would you give them? At what point … would you advise them to stop taking [nationwide] injunctions and all the rest of this seriously?” host Steve Deace asked.
“I would tell the president to do that now. The time is now,” Roy responded. “We need a Jacksonian moment where the president of the United States looks at the courts and says, ‘you enforce that law.'”
.@ChipRoyTX tells @SteveDeaceShow it's time for @realdonaldtrump to stand up and DEFY the courts on immigration.

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— BlazeTV (@BlazeTV) June 27, 2019
President Andrew Jackson is famously attributed with responding to a Supreme Court opinion he had no intention of abiding by, saying, “John Marshall has made his decision; now let him enforce it!” Roy wants Trump to have the same attitude toward nationwide injunctions against his border policies.
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