Monday, June 17, 2019

Democrats Look To Repeal Justice Department Rule Barring Indictment of Sitting President

While a decades-old internal Justice Department guideline protects a sitting president from being indicted by the federal government, some congressional Democrats appear to be weighing legislation to repeal this rule.
The informal rule has come under heavy criticism in recent weeks after special counsel Robert Mueller cited it as a reason for not bringing any obstruction charges against President Donald Trump.
“In response to the special counsel’s report, Democrats are piecing together a package of legislation focused largely on shielding elections from foreign influence, including proposals to bar candidates from accepting foreign help of any kind, while making it mandatory that campaigns alert the FBI when such offers are extended,” The Hill reported Saturday.
But that’s not all.
Some Democrats also want to use the legislative process to nullify the long-standing rule that says sitting presidents can’t be federally indicted.
“It’s definitely on the menu,” Virginia Democrat Rep. Gerry Connolly, who’s on the Oversight and Reform Committee, told The Hill.
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