Wednesday, June 26, 2019

Bombshell Gowdy Claim: Trump Wasn’t Given Same Intel Briefings by FBI as Hillary During 2016 Election

In an appearance on Fox News on Sunday, former Rep. Trey Gowdy said the FBI gave Donald Trump’s presidential campaign different intelligence briefings than Democratic rival Hillary Clinton’s campaign received, raising yet again the specter of preferential treatment by the bureau in dealing with the two candidates.
The South Carolina Republican, who’s now a contributor to Fox News, appeared on “Sunday Morning Futures” to discuss Attorney General William Barr’s look into the numerous investigations that surrounded the 2016 presidential campaign.
Both of the candidates had been given so-called defensive briefings by the FBI. However, Gowdy told host Maria Bartiromo that there were worries that there were “two different kinds of defensive briefings to candidates depending on who you like and who you don’t.”
Given that the FBI had withheld transcript material obtained from subjects of the investigation into the Trump campaign from the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act court, Gowdy said, “then your bias begins to impact the investigation.”
“I think what we’re going to find in 2016 is, the intelligence community was providing information to law enforcement that then went into this investigation, where some Democrats are calling for Donald Trump to be in prison,” Gowdy said.
“Have you ever seen the FBI’s internal analysis of whether Christopher Steele was reliable?” he said. “Have you seen the paperwork where he was defrocked as a source because he couldn’t follow FBI rules and regulations? Have you seen the exculpatory information as it relates to George Papadopoulos?
“Here’s one, Maria. Have you seen the disparate defensive debriefings that they gave candidate Clinton versus candidate Trump? And has anyone asked the FBI to explain why they took entirely different tracks with those two debriefings? There’s a lot left to be seen by you and your viewers.”
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