Monday, June 24, 2019

AMNESTY WATCH: Telemundo anchor spars with Trump on immigration, Dreamers: 'Do you have something against immigrants?'

I would have made a decision earlier than that. I can't get Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer to do anything for the Dreamers. They will do nothing for the Dreamers. They don't care about the Dreamers."

"I am willing to make a deal," Trump added.
In a contentious yet cordial interview on Spanish language network Telemundo Thursday, President Trump defended his record with immigrants both legal and illegal, his tactics with Mexico and blamed Democrats for being unwilling to cut a deal for Dreamers.
"You've also been very tough on immigrants," Telemundo and NBC News host Jose Diaz-Balart said to Trump on "Noticias Telemundo" in what was, as expected, a largely Latino-centric discussion.
When you say that you mean illegal immigrants. I've been very good to immigrants," Trump interjected before Diaz Balart clarified that he was speaking about "immigrants who cross the border including those who come asking for asylum."
Trump interjected moments later touting his rising poll numbers among Hispanics, as Diaz-Balart noted that around "30 percent" of American Latinos support the president. Trump insisted the number was closer to 50 percent, bragging his rising numbers among Latinos were in fact due to his push for border security.
"Because the Hispanics want toughness at the border. They don't want people coming and taking their jobs. They don't want criminals to come because they understand the border better than anybody," Trump said.
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suzipooh said...

No illegals period...follow the darn rules, my grandma did. No free pass for dreamers, follow the rules. Take care of OUR VETS AND HOMELESS!