Wednesday, May 15, 2019

The Trump Administration Considers Deporting Families With Removal Orders In Order To Deter Migrants

The Trump administration is considering deporting migrant families with court-ordered removals, a move that senior Department of Homeland Security officials have resisted in the past, multiple officials tell CNN.
The idea, described as a way to "send a message" to smugglers, is "under serious consideration," according to a senior administration official. Another source said there are ongoing discussions within the department. A separate source tells CNN no immediate action is being taken.
The Department of Homeland Security, suffering from a lack of resources, is unable to deport all those who are ordered to be removed from the country and has said it focuses on the people it deems the most dangerous.
However, that could change as a massive influx of migrant families make their way into the country illegally over the southern border.
As part of the consideration, the administration has been looking at an operation rolled out in the late years of Barack Obama's presidency -- and revived in President Donald Trump's first year in office -- that also targeted family units. Obama initially focused on felons.
White House senior adviser Stephen Miller has been a proponent of the new initiative, according to three US officials. The senior administration official said Miller wasn't alone in pushing for it.
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