Saturday, June 1, 2019

The Electoral College Stands Between the Constitution and the Mob

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On Tuesday, Nevada became the 15th state, along with the District of Columbia, to pass a measure that would grant its electoral college votes to the candidate that won the nationwide popular vote.
This movement is being led by an organization called National Popular Vote. The 501(c)(4) was co-founded by election law expert and attorney Barry Fadem and John Kaza (co-inventor of the scratch off lottery ticket).
The objective is to have a group of states that in total control 270 electoral votes (the number needed to win the presidency) form a compact wherein each of them will agree to cast those votes based on the nationwide popular vote, regardless of how their own state’s citizens voted.
Messrs. Fadem and Kaza have incredible resumes and have had careers filled with professional achievement. It would be easy for someone who understands political science and the structure of American government to dismiss them by saying, “Well, they might be smart, but they sure don’t know much about politics, do they?”
My fear is exactly the opposite. I’m afraid they understand politics perfectly and this initiative they have launched, a federal republic annihilator, is exactly what they intend.
Our Founding Fathers had the debate at the beginning of our nation as to how our system of election and governance would be structured. Democracy was rejected because of the well understood tendency of a majority to act as a tyrant. While much of what was created by our Founders was original, this concept wasn’t. The critique of democracy dates back to Plato and the Republic. The demos, as they were called in Greek, couldn’t be trusted; they would just vote to satiate their voracious appetites at the expense of others or the nation at large.
Plato thought the majority would lack the knowledge and wisdom to make sound choices. Of course, today, since we all have smart phones, we must all be very smart. No need to worry about 2400-year-old concepts.
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