Sunday, May 19, 2019

President Trump Reportedly Has a Plan for a Very Intimidating Border Wall

Alex Brandon/AP
As plans are finalized for President Donald Trump’s long-awaited border wall, reports indicate the president has been very intentional about his vision for the project.
With Trump’s initial proposal for a concrete barrier having now been scrapped in exchange for a steel bollard fence, he now demands that the “slats” be topped with spikes and the wall be painted “flat black.”
According to the Washington Post, Trump says this will make the border wall not only intimidating, but far more effective as well.
Sources told the paper this week that Trump has been adamant in meetings with White House aides, officials from the Department of Homeland Security and the military engineers working on the project.
It is also reported that the president, despite warnings of increased cost and maintenance estimates, is unwilling to budge on the black paint job — which would cause the bollards to retain substantially more heat.
The president suggests the spikes and paint job would make the wall more imposing while also deterring individuals from climbing for fear of burns or large cuts, said various sources not named by the paper.
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