Thursday, May 30, 2019

Justice Clarence Thomas Blasts Abortion As A Tool Of Racist Eugenicists

The Supreme Court on Tuesday upheld part of an Indiana law requiring aborted infants to be cremated or buried after an abortion. However, they sidestepped a larger ruling on abortion by deciding not to weigh in on whether a child can be aborted for their race, sex, or disability.
Justice Clarence Thomas wrote a concurring opinion, in which he addressed the pro-abortion movement’s well-known history with eugenics, and how the Court’s decision not to rule on the Indiana statute leaves an open question on whether eugenic abortions are protected by the Constitution.
The Indiana law in question, enacted in 2016 by former Governor Mike Pence, included a provision stating, “Indiana does not allow a fetus to be aborted solely because of the fetus’s race, color, national origin, ancestry, sex, or diagnosis or potential diagnosis of the fetus having Down syndrome or any other disability.”
These characteristics of an infant can be known early on in a pregnancy. Blood tests can now predict a baby’s sex at seven weeks. The law is intended to prevent mothers and abortion providers from using abortion as a tool of “modern-day eugenics,” as Thomas writes.
LINK: Why Clarence Thomas wrote over a dozen 
pages on eugenics
“So long as the Supreme Court forces a policy of unfettered elective abortion on the entire country, it ought to at least allow for states to protect babies from unjust discrimination,” he said.
Thomas’ argument is two-fold. First, embracing abortion for the sake of eugenics was an endorsed practice and long-held belief of early 20th century progressive leaders. Second, with the development of more accurate prenatal tests, aborting children with unwanted characteristics is a modern threat disguised as “reproductive health services.”
Read the rest from Madeline Osburn HERE at The Federalist.

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