Monday, May 6, 2019

Fewer than 10% of ‘unaccompanied’ teens sponsored by legal immigrants

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Who ever said crime doesn’t pay?
President Trump promised to end chain migration, which is the process through which legal immigrants bring in other relatives, instead of a merit-based system that benefits America as a whole. Not only has that problem not been rectified, but we now have a growing trend of illegal immigrant chain migration, whereby the American people pay for the rope to hang ourselves by allowing illegal aliens to break into the country, pay smugglers and cartels billions of dollars to smuggle in their teenage children or relatives from Central America, and have our government reunite them at our expense without deporting them, thus empowering the cartels to unleash upon us more drugs and crime.
According to new data obtained by the Center for Immigration Studies from Senate Homeland Committee Chairman Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., fewer than 10 percent of those sponsoring the Central American teens resettled under the “unaccompanied alien child” (UAC) program have full legal status themselves. According to the tally, from July 2018 to January 2019, 23,445 UACs were released from HHS facilities to sponsors within the country. Yet just 8.3 percent of them were either citizens or full legal permanent residents. The rest were either confirmed illegal aliens, likely illegal aliens, or were originally illegal aliens, but got into parole, temporary protected status, or other quasi-amnesty programs that have been manipulated against the letter and intent of law. In total, Art Arthur of the CIS observes that 81.5 percent of the sponsors are currently on the hook for some form of deportation.
Thus, our laws have been twisted so far that people who should have been deported long ago were able to use years’ worth of malfeasance and lax enforcement to remain here, pay smugglers to bring in their illegal relatives, and have them resettled with them, thereby shielding both of them from deportation.
Arthur, himself a former immigration judge, cites Judge Andrew Hanen’s order from 2013 I wrote about several weeks ago, in which he accused the DHS of completing the “goal of the conspiracy” of drug smugglers to smuggle people over the border on behalf of parents “at significant expense” to taxpayers. At the time, Hanen noted that in the cases he saw, the “parent initiated the conspiracy to smuggle the minors into the country illegally” and “also funded the conspiracy.” “In each case, the DHS completed the criminal conspiracy, instead of enforcing the laws of the United States, by delivering the minors into the custody of the parent living illegally in the United States.”
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