Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Is President Trump Shifting On Border Shutdown Threat?

President Trump on Tuesday appeared to pull back from his threat to close the U.S. southern border this week as his administration struggles with how to stop an influx of Central American migrants from entering the country.
Trump told reporters in the Oval Office he would shutter the border if he cannot reach a deal with Congress to pass stricter immigration laws, a retreat of sorts from his threat last Friday to close all or part of the frontier unless Mexico stops migrants from crossing.
The president offered a vague answer when asked if he intends to close the border, saying, “I haven’t made that intention known. And I’m ready to close it if I have to close it.”
Trump’s comments also keep open the possibility of closing the border at some time in the future, but he was unclear about the criteria that would trigger the move.
The president said his decision will depend on whether Mexico continues apprehending migrants crossing its borders from Central America en route to the U.S. After criticizing the Mexican government’s efforts last week, he said on Tuesday the country is now “stopping people coming in.”
Whether Congress agrees to pass stricter immigration laws will also factor into the decision, Trump said. Lawmakers last year rejected a bipartisan immigration package and action seems even less likely this year with Democrats in control of the House.
"If we don’t make a deal with Congress, the border’s going to be closed. 100 percent,” Trump said.
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