Friday, April 5, 2019

If Mexico Won't Lift a Finger, President Trump Should Lower the Boom

AP Photo/Isabel Mateos
Unless the Mexican government takes immediate substantive action to address the crisis on the southern border, President Trump should follow through on his national emergency declaration and suspension of direct aid to three Central American countries by closing it.
The migrant caravans are coming because they think change is inevitable regarding U.S. immigration policy. Whether or not change is coming is debatable, given the malfeasance of our supposed sovereign government, so the time has come for a commander-in-chief to cut through the dross and do something.
The nation can no longer countenance the impasse created by uni-party Republicans and Mueller report-routed Democrats desperate not to give Trump more accomplishments going into 2020. If this duopoly keeps calling the shots, the escalating insanity on the border may presage nothing more than continued inaction and worsening madness.
Contrary to fake assurances from the open-borders crowd, the threat level is high. To allow what amounts to a foreign invasion to remain unchecked would mean defeat for Trump on his signature campaign issue, an issue a majority of citizens cite as most important going into the next presidential election.
Failing to circumvent the unlawful arrival of thousands upon thousands of low-to-unskilled, non-English speaking, unassimilable immigrants to glut schools, hospitals, workplaces, job sites, and welfare rolls will undoubtedly be seen by Trump’s millions of ardent supporters as defacto capitulation to a globalist, nation-less “marketplace,” where sovereign flags signify nothing more than colorful national curiosities.
It is well past time to obliterate the stale tropes and talking points used to excuse and rationalize illegal immigration.
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