Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Happy National Border Control Day

Mike Blake/Reuters
Celebrate Cesar Chavez’s true views about illegal immigration.
Today, Cesar Chavez’s birthday, has become Mexican Americans’ equivalent of Columbus Day for Italian Americans. It’s recognized as a holiday in certain states.
But more important than the parochial interest in Chavez as an ethnic icon is his relevance to the immigration debate. Despite the appropriation of his name by the anti-borders crowd, Chavez was a fierce defender of America’s borders as a means of helping struggling American workers better themselves.
That’s why March 31 is increasingly recognized as National Border Control Day. (Arizona representative Paul Gosar introduced a resolution to that effect last week.)And with a Merkel-level migration disaster brewing on our southern border, its observance is all the more necessary.
A useful window into Chavez’s views on border control comes from a speech he delivered almost exactly 40 years ago at the National Press Club in Washington. The speech came in the midst of a strike against lettuce farmers by Chavez’s United Farm Workers union, and the core of Chavez’s complaint was that the federal government was refusing to enforce immigration laws, thus siding with the farmers against the workers.
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