Monday, April 22, 2019

Bill the DNC for the Mueller Report: Democrat Russiagate Hoaxers Owe American Taxpayers $32 Million

After 22 months and $32 million, a team of 19 prosecutors with twice as many staff members, wielding 2,800 subpoenas, 500 witnesses, and 500 search warrants, produced nothing multiplied by zero.
Nothing except over 400 pages of allegations, innuendo and slime with a great big hole in the center.
Mueller and his intrepid team of Democrats had set out to investigate a great conspiracy. After all those millions of dollars, the raids and indictments, there’s no collusion. The supposed counterintelligence investigation turned up nothing on President Trump except his hostility to the witch hunt against him.
If firing an FBI director is a crime, then Bill Clinton should have been impeached or imprisoned. But if a former FBI director can treat the firing of an FBI director by the president as a crime, then is the country really run by the presidents and the voters who elect them, or by the FBI directors?
Mueller and his Democrats painstakingly document Trump’s dislike of their efforts. And then they imply that there is something criminal about an innocent man trying to fight back against a witch hunt. If you don’t defend yourself, it’s perjury. If you do defend yourself, then it’s obstruction of justice.
Heads I win, tails you lose.
President Trump had the right to fire Comey. He had the right to find an AG who would give Mueller the boot. And the Mueller report, with its swill of unsubstantiated innuendo, is the best evidence of that.
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