Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The ILLEGALS Health Crisis By Itself Is Enough Reason To Shut Down Border Migration

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What has happened to the government of, by, and for the people of this country? What has happened to the government that once did everything it could to shield the American people from dangerous diseases we’ve worked so hard as a civilization to eradicate? Now, the only concern of our government is to build more health care facilities at the border to further invite in illegal aliens with dangerous diseases to suck the American taxpayer dry while exposing our country to all sorts of infectious diseases we’ve long eliminated. This is not progressive; it’s the most regressive policy imaginable, back to a time long before the Enlightenment.
On Tuesday, Customs and Border Protection Commissioner Kevin McAleenan announced the building of a new facility to deal with the health crisis of those coming over the border and surrendering themselves to agents. A whopping 31,000 medical referrals were made for illegal aliens this year, straining our hospitals and local county emergency medical personnel, up from 12,000 last year.
Nobody is asking the question: Shouldn’t the goal be to shield the American people from these diseases, not just offer to treat countless hundreds of thousands from the most disease-prone regions of the world for free? Why does the forgotten American family never get factored into the equation as the government manages rather than stops the invasion? Isn’t it time, henceforth, to stop allowing them to come in at all?
Bringing in diseases from rural Central America, an undeniable threat
Last September, the Honduran Ministry of Health declared a medical state of emergency after at least 5,000 incidents of mumps were reported. Fast-forward to this week, and Texas health officials are reporting 186 cases of mumps at detention facilities within Texas, which is still the busiest migration route for the Central Americans. What occurred right around last September? The start of the caravan in Honduras. These are the people who have been arriving over the past few months, as the Mexican government and the cartel smugglers sprinkle in the caravans in groups of 100-300 rather than having them all come in at once.
Over the past few months, there have been numerous cases of chicken pox, tuberculosis, scabies, and lice among the migrants.
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