Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Socialism isn’t confusing

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Watching the Democrats simultaneously embrace and distance themselves from the label of “socialist” is entertaining, but annoying.
They are trying to confuse the subject, claiming policies that the United States already has in place are socialist policies, widely popular.
Social Security, Medicaid, and Medicare are the big programs that the Democrat socialists tout as “American policies” that are indeed socialist. If we are uncomfortable with socialism, they taunt, why don’t we suggest getting rid of these policies.
But we have, in fact. Though he went on to expand Medicare, George W. Bush campaigned on “privatizing” Social Security, a proposition that would have fixed the entire situation, instead of insolvency Social Security faces in a few years. The Democrat socialists went insane over “privatization,” claiming that “the rich” would control our future. Government, in the mind of a Democrat socialist, is the only ultimate power.
But socialism isn’t confusing or hard to understand. Socialism is your lazy brother-in-law who always just needs a couple of bucks, maybe a loan that he’ll never pay back, always mooching off of you, asking what you’re having for Sunday dinner and couldn’t he and his new girlfriend the stripper come over?
Socialism is your neighbor who always borrows stuff and never returns it. Then when you go to his garage sale, you suddenly realize the hedge trimmer, cordless drill, and battery charger he is selling seem awfully familiar.
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