Friday, March 29, 2019

Should we really have DACA kids ruling over us in Congress?

Want a gander at some one-sided reporting?
Take a look at what the normally centrist Roll Call has cranked out, openly advocating for congressional positions for DACA kids, who, along with other foreign nationals, are prohibited by law from assuming positions of governance in the federal government. Legal foreigners in Congress are required by law to be taking steps, at least, toward U.S. citizenship. DACA kids, who are here illegally but have the special privileges of DACA that other illegal aliens don't have, are not.
"I would call that a WTF moment," he said. "It's mean-spirited. DACA recipients have overcome challenges. They have grit and tenacity and the skill sets needed to work on Capitol Hill. It's not only a detriment to these folks who have public service careers closed off to them, it's a detriment to the country."
Ah, service! We should be slavering for their "public service," or else. Roll Call pours on the glurge, effectively telling us we all owe it to DACA recipients to allow them to work in Congress, changing the "mean-spirited" law, and all based on their campaign work to elect Democrats. Here's the actual rationale given by Roll Call for changing the law to allow DACA kids to lord it over us — or, as the writer puts it, "serve" — in Congress:
Perez had spent months knocking on doors and speaking to voters across south Phoenix and Mesa. She had deep roots in the 9th District, where she'd lived since she was 4 years old.
She was knowledgeable about policy and had a track record of success working behind the scenes for the Phoenix City Council — from the installation of a new dog park to an ordinance requiring equal pay for women in the city.
No word on whether she's trying to become a citizen legally, the way immigrants do, applying for a green card from her home country. Roll Call didn't ask.
Read the rest of the story HERE.

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