Saturday, March 23, 2019

Open Borders Push Americans To Socialism

Radical Democrats seek total control over America.
My dad sagely told me that you could turn a capitalist into a communist overnight, simply by taking away his/her money.
In the beginning, it was the Republicans who wanted open borders to provide their political base, the business owners, with cheap and compliant workers. As more foreign Third World workers entered the labor pool and brought with them Third World expectations of drastically substandard wages and working conditions, these wages and working conditions became the new standard. This forced American workers to settle for less money and fewer benefits if they wanted to keep their jobs.
For the greedy and immoral exploitive employers, the bottom line is the bottom line.
Decades ago the Democrats resisted this push for foreign workers because the Democrats understood that their base, Americans workers, wanted to be protected from the unbridled greed of their employers. Unions also promised to protect their members against unscrupulous employers.
Essentially the scales were balanced. The Republicans represented business owners and the Democrats represented the workers.
However, the labor unions began pushing for the rights of illegal alien workers as the number of Americans who joined unions dropped. The union leaders simply “did the math.” More members meant the union had more political leverage and more members paid more union dues. This was a “win/win” for the unions and a disaster for the American workers they purported to represent while encouraging ever more foreign workers to come to America.
When I was a new INS agent I was more than a bit surprised that when I participated in raiding garment factories, literal “sweat shops” and arrested many illegal aliens, often the labor unions would send bail bondsmen to our office who arrived nearly as soon as we arrived with our illegal aliens in custody. It was clear that the unions did not care whether their members were U.S. citizens, lawful immigrants or illegal aliens, only if they joined the unions and paid their dues.
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