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It’s Not About Building a Wall. It’s About Building a Will

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On Wednesday, President Trump, acting in response to the fear that Boeing 737 MAX planes may be unsafe to fly due to two similar accidents, issued an emergency order through the FAA administrator to ground the Boeing 737 MAX 8 and MAX 9 from flying in and out of our country. No questions were asked. Yet almost a year into an invasion of unimaginable security, cultural, health care, and fiscal concerns, we are told that unless there are 60 votes in the Senate and every district judge agrees – something that will never happen even after Republicans win in 2020 – there is nothing Trump can do with his executive and delegated authority to grind all illegal immigration to a halt. This is simply not true. It’s time to build the will, even more than the wall.
The open-borders movement began with the premise that we must grant amnesty to those who successfully evaded deportation for 20 years and have put down roots here. However, nobody throughout our history, even recent history, suggested that we sit idly and import millions of new illegal aliens and refuse to deport a single person among those who just come in and abscond from their court appearances. Yet that is what’s happening now, and we are all acting as if we need 91 district courts and 60 senators in order to protect our country.
It’s all a matter of will.
Castro launches Mariel boatlift, April 20, 1980
We have never had such a severe and blatant invasion through migration last this long without the president implementing a plan to shut it down. During the Mariel boatlifts of Cubans in 1980, the Nicaraguan influx into Texas in 1989, the Haitian boat migration in the early 1990s, and even the first Central American surge under Obama in 2014, the various presidents eventually took action to shut down the flow, even without an immediate legislative fix. After two months of Cuban boatlifts in May and June 1980, totaling more than 100,000 aliens, the flow was shut off to a trickle and eventually ended by the fall. In 1989, after tens of thousands of Nicaraguans came in and demanded asylum, a “rocket docket” was set up in tent cities in south Texas to immediately adjudicate their cases and ship them out.
During the Haitian sea migration in the early 1990s, Presidents Bush and Clinton sent out the Coast Guard to prevent them from landing and returned them home immediately. In Sale v. Haitian Centers Council, Inc. (1993), a case Chief Justice Roberts just referenced in his favorable opinion to Trump in the travel ban case, the Supreme Court made it clear that presidential power to exclude all aliens at the border overrides even asylum requests.
Yet here we are today with the invasion now so bad that the cartels and smugglers have created a transport system to streamline more migration than ever and incentivize more Central Americans to come without fear of a harsh journey. The Washington Post reports that Mexican smugglers have now set up a “conveyor belt system” of express buses “to minimize overhead and maximize capacity,” creating the biggest incentives to come in the largest numbers. We have never had such an orchestrated invasion by so many terrible human beings involved with violent cartels taking advantage of people on both sides of the border so efficiently.
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