Monday, March 4, 2019

ILLEGALS Target Cops

Another criminal Mexican illegal opens fire on an American police officer
As the San Francisco Chronicle reported last week, Napa County sheriff’s deputy Riley Jarecki stopped to examine a red Honda in a parking lot. She was speaking with the driver when the man pulled out a handgun and shot the officer. The cop then pulled her service weapon and fired “at least 15 shots” into the vehicle, all captured on her body camera.
Jarecki was not yet aware that the driver, Javier Hernandez-Morales, 43, also had a loaded rifle in the Honda. The “undocumented immigrant” died at the scene, but there was more to the story.
Hernandez-Morales, a Mexican national, had been deported three times, twice in 2007 and once in 2010. ICE had issued four separate detainers related to arrests on suspicion of driving under the influence, battery on a peace officer, selling liquor to a minor and unknown probation violations. As the Chronicle reported, “none of the detainers was honored by jail staff.” If these and other detainers had not been refused, according to immigration officials, “this incident may have been prevented.”
Jon Rodney of the California Immigrant Policy Center, which fights deportation, did not decry the Mexican criminal’s attack on a female American police officer, any other crimes Hernandez-Morales had committed, or his unlawful presence in the country. As Rodney told the Chronicle, “We have seen how ICE and the president politicize tragedy, and I think that is irresponsible and wrong.”
Napa County Undersheriff Jon Crawford went on record that by pulling a loaded pistol and firing at officer Jarecki, the Mexican intended to kill her. Crawford did not speculate on other goals the violent Mexican criminal might have had in mind. At this writing, pro-sanctuary California governor Gavin Newsom has not weighed in on the case, and Californians might watch how attorney general Xavier Becerra responds.
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