Monday, April 1, 2019

If There’s No Reckoning Over The Russia Hoax, It Will Happen Again

A society cannot survive without accountability. There must be a reckoning for those who tried to delegitimize democratic mandates and fuel hysteria.
In early 2017, the entire Russia collusion narrative was at its peak, and there were arguments that Russia was undermining the United States and United Kingdom. Yet some of us on the right, who refused to completely lose our marbles or give up in the face of incessant irrationality, had to stand up and yell “Stop.”
I also wrote in December last year that the goalposts would be moved as the collusion theory deflated. For all those who remember the early days, immediately after Trump’s election, there was no nuance in public discourse. It was a revolutionary act, to paraphrase Orwell, to think and question any narrative rationally and stoically, and view everything with skepticism.
Questioning conventional wisdom and narrative in times of mass meltdown is considered nothing short of heresy. Perhaps in 20 years’ time, we will look back to this mass hysteria and what caused it, but that is not the issue today. This is far from over, and there needs to be a reckoning.
A Reckoning Needs To Happen
As I said in 2017, Russia is a geostrategic adversary, and undoubtedly interferes in rival powers’ internal affairs, but the evidence suggesting that Russia actively colluded with anyone inside the Trump campaign is nonexistent. Simultaneously, the second theory of Russian interference in the election of 2016, of having any tangible effect on votes that might have had any real effect on the outcome of the election, is also flimsy. There were two logical reasons for this.
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