Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Here’s What a REAL Emergency Border Plan Would Look Like

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Over the weekend, the president asserted that apprehended illegal aliens are not being let into our country. That is absolutely not the case, but the president does have the power to end catch-and-release. Why is talking about ending catch-and-release and not actually ending it?
Trump also declared this week in an interview with Breitbart, “I don’t want to have anyone coming in that’s on welfare.” Yet we are now bringing in hundreds of thousands of the most impoverished migrants through our border every year, and they will likely never be deported. Why is Trump so quiet since the data on the border emergency proved him right, and why is he not stepping up his game?
Catch-and-release at our border has gotten so bad that it has incentivized record numbers of impoverished Central Americans to surrender themselves to agents. This, in turn, creates such a shortage of beds that even the people who would otherwise not be released are now being released. They remain in our communities indefinitely, expose us to diseases, saddle taxpayers with public charge and crime, and tie up the resources of the border agents – all when we know the claim of asylum is bogus. The president is focusing his entire political capital in the emergency declaration on pennies in border wall funding, when these policies are causing us to bring in aliens from behind the border wall. Why is Trump not using his political capital to shut down catch-and-release and implement a true emergency plan that addresses the very emergency he decried and the media now admits exists? 
Unfortunately, the illegal immigrants and the cartels don’t watch Trump’s CPAC speech or read his tweets. They look at what his government is actually doing on the ground at the border. Just since December 21, DHS has been forced to release 84,500 illegal aliens from Central American family units: 14,500 were in the Phoenix area, 37,500 in south Texas, 24,000 in El Paso, and 8,500 in San Diego, according to the Arizona Republic. Many of the ones dropped off this past weekend in Phoenix were in the country for less than 24 hours. Just from a health crisis standpoint, how can we be sure that Americans won’t be infected by those coming from places with rampant diseases when they are released so quickly?
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