Friday, March 1, 2019

Effort to Abandon Electoral College Gains Steam. Here’s What It Would Ruin for America

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Colorado is joining a list of states attempting to overturn the way Americans have selected their presidents for over two centuries.
The Colorado legislature recently passed a bill to join an interstate effort called the “interstate compact,” to attempts to sidestep the Electoral College system defined by the Constitution. Gov. Jared Polis, a Democrat, called the Electoral College an “undemocratic relic” and vowed to sign the bill into law.
So far, 12 states representing 172 Electoral College votes have passed the initiative into law. With the addition of Colorado (which has nine votes), that number will rise to 181. They need 270 for the compact to go into effect. It would then undoubtedly be challenged in the courts.
Some major voices on the left were gleeful about the potential change.
Time to make Electoral College a vestige of the past. It’s undemocratic, forces candidates to ignore majority of the voters and campaign in a small number of states. The presidency is our one national office and should be decided – directly – by the voters
— Eric Holder (@EricHolder) February 26, 2019
While the Constitution, intentionally, gives wide latitude to states to create their own electoral systems, the law passed in Colorado along with the rest of this effort would be unprecedented. It would be the first time states potentially outsource their Electoral College votes to the will of the nation as a whole, rather than having elections determined by their own voters. The result of this, ironically, could be very undemocratic.
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