Sunday, March 3, 2019

Construction Begins On 30-Foot-High San Diego Border Wall

Construction crews broke ground on a 14-mile stretch of border barrier replacement in San Diego, according to Fox 5 news.
The existing steel-mesh fence - often breached with commonly sold battery-operated saws - is being replaced with 30-foot-high steel bollards according to an announcement by US Customs and Border Protection.
A $101 million contract was awarded to SLSCO Ltc. of Galveston, Texas to perform the work, with options for an additional $30 million in funding.
The bollards replace a second layer of barrier that worked like a fortress when it was built about a decade ago but is now often breached with powerful battery-operated saws sold in home improvement stores.
Work on replacing a first layer of San Diego barrier is nearly complete, also 14 miles long and made of steel bollards up to 30-feet high. The old fence, built in the early 1990s, was made of corrugated steel matting used by the military as temporary runways. -Fox 5
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