Friday, February 22, 2019

Why isn’t President Trump using the most obvious and effective executive actions for the border?

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The goal is to stop illegal immigration and the cartels, not to build partial fencing as an end in itself. Like many solutions to life’s problems, fencing is extremely helpful as part of a broader solution, but almost meaningless if we ignore the cause of this crisis and downright moot if we make that cause worse. This is the key to understanding the border emergency declaration mixed with signing this awful omnibus-amnesty bill.
The president is right. We have a national emergency. The amnesty provision in the bill he is signing is the national emergency. In fact, it is an international emergency that will spawn the worst global human trafficking crisis ever seen and make the American people pay for it in both money and security. It openly invites any illegal alien to contract with cartels to smuggle in more illegal teenagers and children and then obtain amnesty merely by association with the teenager or child. The power of avoiding deportation, as I mentioned yesterday, will be such an incentive that it will create an entire market for the cartel smuggling, even worse than the current crisis.
Today, Trump’s declaration of a national emergency at the border is not designed to actually deal with the real emergency at the border and finally stop illegal immigration and combat the cartels. It is designed to distract his base from the betrayal of signing this amnesty bill and focus on his partial, watered-down strategic fencing, when this issue has long become much more severe than a lack of fencing in some areas.
Signing this bill pours gasoline on the emergency, and the emergency declaration is a non-sequitur to that very problem he is asserting.
Trump is right that there is an emergency at our border unlike any other period of illegal immigration in this country. It is an emergency that largely began during his own presidency, long after he made a border wall the focal point of his enforcement agenda. The challenge at the border thanks to the courts has changed. The emergency is not the lack of fencing. The emergency is our own policies, policies that this administration has reluctantly continued and has no road map to ending. I’ve written six reasons why this border invasion is quantitatively and qualitatively worse than before, but here is a quick summary: --->
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