Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Five Definitive Reasons Trump Has Already Won On The Border Wall!

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci
On my broadcast on January 25, 2019 I predicted that the temporary re-opening of the government for “21 days” was a significant piece of a large over-arching strategy for President Trump to finally be able to build the border barrier on America’s southern border.
I predicted on that Friday afternoon that the next 21 days would bring about almost zero change from Congress and that—as the president’s team had been researching for a few months—he would then emerge, declare the national emergency and the wall would finally be able to be built.
Since that Friday, I now believe that five specific indicators point to Trump being close to achieving that and by extension a bone crunching re-election over a Democratic nominee who will favor “socialism, post birth abortions, and open borders.”
Here they are:
Obama did it. Since the invention of the presidential mechanism every president since has used “national declarations of emergency” for one reason or another. As the president pointed out in his announcement several of them for much less significant “emergencies” than his much argued “national security threat” with which he passionately claims dangerous elements are invading our nation. President Obama used the declaration a dozen times. And this writer would wager that unless you’ve gone recently to look them up, you would be hard pressed to name any of the dozen. At minimum, two dealt with immigration, and the need of the executive to enforce law and protect America.
Precedent. --->
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