Friday, February 22, 2019

President Trump Needs To Stop Activists From Controlling The Country With Universal Injunctions

So long as universal injunctions exist, plaintiffs will be able to impose their policy preferences on the entire country, if they find a willing judge.
Facing a divided Congress comprised largely of hostile, intransigent establishmentarians, President Trump’s ability to advance his agenda going into 2020 will likely be limited to where he can exercise executive authority. With the clock ticking on his first term, and finite resources, the president’s best strategic play is to fight where he has the greatest odds of winning, and for which the impact of such wins will be most far-reaching.
So if President Trump wishes to achieve his goals now and in the future, particularly in national security and foreign policy, he must challenge the tool the Resistance most uses to thwart him: Universal injunctions.
The concept of universal injunctions would shock most Americans. Such injunctions permit a single one of the more than 600 federal district judges overseeing the case of a single party to block the executive branch from enforcing or implementing a law, regulation, executive order, or policy for every American across the country over the typically many years the case is litigated.
Stated simply: Universal injunctions give an unelected judge power over the president, shunting aside the considered judgment of the people’s representatives in Congress and the presidency.
Universal Injunctions Are a Constitutional Crisis --->
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