Saturday, February 16, 2019

Illegal immigration: It's A National Security Crisis

The lowest form of insult is to call someone a racist and it is spewed with impunity. It is the insult used when one is not winning an argument on the merits of the case. I believe the illegal immigration debate falls into this category.
This is a complicated issue, but it is also just common sense. One need only ask “Do you lock your doors at home?” The answer is, yes, of course. We lock our doors to keep uninvited people from entering without permission and to protect our families and possessions. Walls/barriers protect citizens from invasions by non-citizens. Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi voted for the barrier/wall in the recent past. So when did it become immoral?
President Trump displayed the most compassion for government workers and willingness to negotiate, while the Democrats showed their colors - they want open borders. The Pelosi standoff was about defeating President Trump, not about protecting Americans. The barrier works to prevent illegal immigration everywhere it is built. CNN reporter Jim Acosta proved that fact when he walked along the wall in McAllen, Texas, and saw no one attempting to scale the wall/fence.
The border crisis is real.
No one can blame someone from lawless, war-torn countries from wanting to come to America because of our value of rule of law and the opportunity to work hard to get ahead financially. Illegal immigration brings in good workers, but also crime, as well as overwhelms our health care, education, law enforcement and welfare systems. Sovereign nations have a responsibility to know who they allow to enter and when.
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