Sunday, February 17, 2019

After Abortion Victory, Democrats Push for Physician-Assisted Suicide

Less than a month after New York state passed legislation to increase access to abortion, the battleground has shifted to assisted suicide, with Catholic leaders trying to stem to the tide against legislation that would make physician-assisted suicide legal in New York.
“We stand on a precipice,” Kathleen Gallagher, director of pro-life activities for New York’s Catholic Conference, recently told New York conservatives, according to the Albany Times-Union.
“We’re looking in to a culture of death and our state is diving right down into that moral abyss.”
Dennis Poust, a spokesman for the state Catholic Conference headed by Cardinal Timothy Dolan, told the New York Daily News that physician-assisted suicide “is not a Catholic issue.”
“It’s a human life issue,” Poust said.
“There are many opponents (of assisted suicide), including those who advocate for people with disabilities and patients rights and the elderly. We’re proud to be in a coalition that stands up for those who may be exploited at the end of life.”
Although blocking the legislation is a priority for Catholic leaders, the group Compassion and Choices is marshaling support for the legislation, seeking to capitalize on the swing represented by having all three parts of the Empire State’s government — governor, state Assembly and state Senate — under Democratic control.
New York’s Medical Aid in Dying Act was reintroduced last month. --->
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