Sunday, January 27, 2019

Texas has a Big Problem with Asylum Seekers, and a Wall Won't Fix It

Graeme Jennings/Washington Examiner
This is the thing about the pieces of wall barrier already built here along the Mexican border: By the time anyone coming up from Mexico makes it to the wall, they’ve already been walking in America for several minutes. Or if they get lost in the dark of night, maybe even several hours.
If they claim asylum, there’s a good chance they’ll get to stay and another good chance they’ll skip their court hearing, disappearing into the country for good.
More wall can’t stop this. Border agents know it and, even more pressing, everyone south of the border knows it, too.
The wall that’s in Texas now does not separate the U.S. from Mexico. It separates the U.S. from more of the U.S., an uninhabited vast space of brush, trees, and wildlife sanctuaries, until you get to the Rio Grande, which is split down the middle longways as our actual border.
An endless flood of people, mostly from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala, aren’t floating the short distance across the river and hitting a wall. They’re landing in South Texas where they walk up a short distance and tell a border agent they want asylum. If they don’t find an agent for a while, maybe they’ll approach one of the wall barriers and get stuck. But even then, when they’re finally apprehended, one easy word is all they have to say to automatically secure legal protection: asylum.
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