Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Shutdown Showdown: A Speech for President Trump

If not now, when?
My Fellow Americans:
We are nearing the first month of a government shutdown — which is in reality a closing of about 30 percent of the federal government, focusing on non-essential services — and I am here tonight to tell you that it will continue for the remainder of my first term, UNLESS the following ten points are enacted into law by Congress:
!. Congress agrees to fully fund a barrier traversing all segments of the U.S.-Mexico border that are accessible by migrants, with completion accelerated to the end of 2020.
2. Congress agrees to end the visa lottery program.
3. Congress ends asylum eligibility for migrants who are offered asylum in Mexico, or any other country.
4. Congress accepts screening of migrants in Mexico or at designated border crossing points, with those not eligible for asylum getting in line behind other migrants seeking entry into the United States.
5. Congress requires so-called “Dreamers” — children born on U.S. soil to illegal aliens — seeking permanent residency who meet residence eligibility standards to get in line behind those waiting who have lawfully applied for permanent entry;
6. Congress limits “chain migration” family reunification to members of the nuclear family and direct lineal ancestors.
7. Congress forbids sanctuary organizations — whether private groups or governmental units such as cities, counties and states — from sheltering illegals from valid legal process.
8. Congress defunds organizations that violate sanctuary policies.
9. Congress deprives federal courts of extraterritorial jurisdiction, and enacts accelerated litigation of immigration matters.
And (10): Congress cuts outlays from the continuing federal budget in equal measure as to any restoration of outlays for shutdown services.
Shutdown services not restored will result in employees affected being retired with full pension benefits lawfully bargained for. These benefits will be paid even if furloughed employees obtain subsequent employment.
Read the rest from John C. Wohlstetter HERE.

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