Monday, January 21, 2019

Law enforcement agrees: The media’s border denialism is absurd

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If Bashar Assad or other Islamic entities came to our border, set up multibillion-dollar global criminal networks sending drugs as powerful as chemical weapons flowing into our country, wouldn’t we treat it like a national emergency on par with a war? Well, take a look at what these violent global entities (still simply known as “drug cartels”) are doing at our border. Breitbart Texas has posted unimaginably gruesome photos of their daily activities. (Warning: extremely graphic.)
Somehow, it’s only cool to care about humanitarian and national security problems of other countries, but not our own or even those of the country just south of us. The reason? Because it implicates the agenda of illegal immigration.
Last week, I caught up with several law enforcement agents who have decades of experience dealing with the southwest border. Here is a synopsis of what a few of them told me of the seriousness of the situation.
Sheriff Mark Napier, who heads local law enforcement in Pima County, the largest border county in America, lamented the callous disregard of the politicians and the media to our border crisis. “This is a human rights issue,” said Napier, who is also vice president of the Arizona Sheriff’s Association. “Unlike Pelosi, who says border walls are immoral, I would say what is immoral is to create a system that encourages some man in Central America to grab his small children by the hand, walk hundreds of miles north through all sorts of climate conditions, environmental hazards, and criminal hazards, and come here believing they could just walk in for a better life. That is the humanitarian tragedy – the system that encourages this very dangerous and desperate behavior that is the problem. By fixing our border, the aliens would know that they can’t come north.”
Read the rest from Daniel Horowitz HERE.

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Anonymous said...

The only crisis at the border is the one Trump/Miller/Kelly/FreedomCaucus/Coulter/DHS deliberately created out of whole cloth by their inhumane and cruel separation of families at the border.

Illegal immigration is at a 15 YEAR LOW. But I know facts don't matter to racists.

There is no illegal immigration crisis. The American people know this, of course. A majority of Americans want legal status for immigrants, Dreamers, TPS, and do NOT want Trump's insane wall. They disagree with the shutdown as well.

Even people who live along the border do not want the wall.

Racists and haters gonna lose this one.