Thursday, January 10, 2019

How President Trump could get Mexico to pay for the wall

Andrew Harrer/Getty Images
Let’s face it: Right now President Trump could use a win. Especially with the recent congressional session putting the lame in “lame duck” and Democrats now poised to take over the House. With congressional Republicans continuing their perennial tradition of punting on every policy fight, it’s time for the president to pick one himself.
And a popular one at that. Perhaps the most popular and signature promise of his victorious 2016 campaign: to finally secure America’s porous southern border by building a wall, and Mexico will pay for it.
Ah, yes, remember that last part there in italics? That seems to be the forgotten, and most important, part of the applause line. No sentient being inhabiting any of the United Federation of Planets believes the reason Democrats don’t want to build a wall is because the party of the welfare state and Obamacare suddenly discovered fiscal responsibility. Likewise, nor should the “it costs too much” protests from a mainstream media persistently pushing socialism upon the American people and calling it “journalism” be taken seriously whatsoever.
But just for fun, let’s take such fraudulent claims at face value and call their bluff. Here’s how: Treat an unruly child like any good parent would. Mexico is the one allowing its territory to be a land bridge to come to America illegally. Mexico is home to several of the drug cartels flooding narcotics into our country. And Mexico is the one relying on “foreign aid” from us. In other words, this is a paternal relationship, and Mexico is the child.
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