Tuesday, January 15, 2019

GOOD TRUMP: The President Rejects Graham’s Plea to Reopen Government

Yuri Gripas/REUTERS
President Trump on Monday dismissed the suggestion of a frequent ally, Senator Lindsey Graham, that he should reopen the government for a few weeks to encourage Democrats to continue negotiations over border-security funding.
“I did reject it,” Trump told reporters about the South Carolina Republican’s plea for him to sign a three-week-stopgap spending bill. “I’m not interested. I want to get it solved. I don’t want to just delay it. I don’t know if we’re closer to a deal. This should be the easiest deal that I’ve ever seen. We’re talking about border security. Who could be against it?”
“We have drugs, we have criminals, we have gangs, and the Democrats don’t want to do anything about it,” the president continued. “All of a sudden it’s immoral. It’s immoral because one reason, because they know they’re going to lose in the 2020 election.”
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