Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Election Reform Fraud: Democrats' Plan Would End American Democracy As We Know It

'Election Reform' Fraud: The media have already started a drumbeat in favor of the first major legislation proposed by the new Democratic Congress, the so-called "For The People Act Of 2019." It is, in fact, a dangerous piece of legislation that, if enacted, would end American democracy as it has existed for over over 240 years.
That's no exaggeration.
Far-left media advocates for the Democrats' have benignly called the proposed new law "election reform", claimed it "could save American Democracy" and characterized it as "a sweeping anti-corruption proposal." It is none of those things.
Instead, H.R.1, the new law's official designation, is a shocking power grab on the part of the Democrats who seek to nationalize all elections so they can permanently silence the Red States that stand in their way. It does so by transferring most of the power over elections to the federal government, and taking it away from the states, as the Constitution requires.
In essence, people like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, the prime backer of this awful bill, would now be "supervising" all of our elections. To our detriment.
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