Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Democrats For Border Security? It's A Hoax

There's one sure indication that Trump's strategy during the government shutdown of constantly pounding Democrats for being soft on illegal immigration is working. Suddenly many of even the most liberal Democrats are screaming from the rafters that they are for border security. Nearly every Democrat has been coached to start by talking about the need for protecting our border.
That's a 180 degree flip. At the start of the shutdown, the Pelosi crowd was saying "there is no border crisis," and "a wall is immoral." Now their polls must be telling them otherwise because they are starting to sound like Pat Buchanan on the need to keep illegal immigrants out. Even Pelosi recently said Democrats want "funding for smart, effective border security solutions."
Why is this tiger suddenly changing its stripes. Because their open borders stance is way outside the mainstream of America and is hurting them in the polls.
Democratic pollsters concede that Trump's tough on illegal immigration stance was one of the biggest issues that resounded with working class Democratic voters who live in states behind the blue wall. That's the wall Trump crashed through in 2016.
The problem for Democrats is that their new rhetoric is the transparent utter lack of sincerity. Democrats have done everything possible during the last several years to openly encourage illegal immigration.
Dems' Border Deceit --->
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